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This project is aimed at allowing aspiring bagpipers with no local teacher to learn by themselves with the confidence that the method has been created by a reputable and highly experienced teacher, Lindsay Davidson. Likewise it is hoped that teachers may come to this resource for ideas, materials and to offer their own suggestions and exercises.

Thanks to COVID and the improvements in internet and communication technology, this can also be used as a resource for those learning through the internet. Physical location and distance have now ceased to be a barrier to learning and access.

There are different types of bagpipe in the world and different types are supported here: highland bagpipes, smallpipes, medieval pipes, though the site was originally designed to support highland bagpipes.

A virtual pipe band has been established, and beginners can join in a 'local' (timezone) beginner group, or advanced players can join for a more advanced 'local' group. Please contact Lindsay for details and to join.

The original project started in 2003, and is undergoing renewal and evolution in 2021. It is growing to reflect the fundamentally new way of using the internet and new possibilities.

Before starting highland bagpipes or smallpipes, one needs a practice chanter; that is a very quiet and inexpensive instrument for practising at home. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this unless you are absolutely sure you want to play.  

Here is a page offering a list of chanter and bagpipe suppliers

Highland bagpipe, and smallpipe, music consists of many rudiments. Each rudiment is described in a separate 'chapter', with an mp3 of it being played - please click on the image. Traditionally one learns all the basic rudiments and then progresses onto simple tunes. A suggested order of study is included although this is some cases can be altered. Each chapter is very short  and it is hoped that time will be spent becoming fluent at playing. It is also hoped that approaching this task in small steps will make it easier and more enjoyable.

Please add the site to your favourites and keep checking back regularly for upgrades, improvements and new exercises.

Some parts of the site were historically  translated into Polish and partially into French. If you want to see it in another language and are able to help with translation, please contact the author. 

The idea behind this website is not only to encourage and enable people to learn to play, but to collect experience and feedback and improve not only the face to face teaching experience, but to create the world's best distant learning programme for bagpipes.
You can find out more about bagpipes (and lots of other things) from this howtodothings.com article.

Please send your comments to Lindsay Davidson (email: lindsaydavidson(at)lindsaydavidson(dot)co(dot)uk) - they are critical to making this whole project worthwhile.

For information of what is planned and what upgrades will be made to the site please click on 'coming soon....'.

Happy 'Piping.

Lindsay Davidson

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