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Tunes for Smallpipes

Smallpipes can play everything that highland pipes can traditionally play, and so, you have the entire highland pipe repertoire at your disposal.

However, smallpipes have a different sound, and as you have discovered, some different embellisment possibilities, on top of what highland pipes can do.

There is also a small historical repertoire, tunes such as 3/4 hornpipes and of more recent interest (though based on historical foundation), variation sets.

Here is a small selection of tunes that may be of particular interest to you, as something specifically 'smallpipey'. There are some 3/4 hornpipes and some variation sets as well as some other dance tunes, and a couple of 'town tunes'. All the tunes are arranged in a style making use of the smallpipe's specific embellishments.

3/4 Hornpipes

Gp tp Berwick Johnnie

Pawkie Adam Glen


Town Tunes

This is the town tune for Linlithgow, which still employs a Town Piper

The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow
This is the town tune for Hawick, which still employs a Town Piper

Variation Sets (a bit more difficult to play...)

Credit is due to Gordon Mooney, former Town Piper to Linlithgow for his work in keeping this aspect of smallpipe and borderpipe playing alive and indeed in developing and promoting it further.

Follow Her O'er the Border

O'er the Border

Willie Stays Lang at the Fair

The Rock Well

The Kist

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