Teach Yourself Bagpipes by Lindsay Davidson - March, Strathspey and Reel Sets

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For solo competitions and for band competitions from a certain level, you will need to play a set of three tunes - a March, Strathspey and Reel. These tunes are of a particular style, although exactly what that means beyond a few basic observations becomes a musicological debate.

The most basic definition is that each tune should have 4 'parts', or sections of 8 bars repeated, or the equivalent. In many competitions, in fact the majority, you tell the judge what you are going to play and just get on with it. However, in more prestigious or challenging competitions yo will need to offer the judge a choice of tunes to pick from, and then you play what you are told. In some places this is three tunes of each type, but most typically it is six tunes. This is why this section is planned to contain six tunes of each type. There are a few competitions ask for 8 tunes, but by the time you get there you probably have more anyway.

As with the MAP tunes part of this project, each tune here has its own page, its own midi files at two different pitches and three different speeds, and some comments to help you learn it.

This section of the teachyourself site is suitable for both bands and soloists and can be used by anyone right up to professional level. These are the types of files that the author himself actually learns with.

As this is a very large project, please keep coming back. The tunes will be typeset and displayed first and then the advice and playback files will be created. Thi area of updates was started in May 2015.

If you or your band has a speical request for tunes please contact Lindsay Davidson

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