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Vibrato is very much a matter of personal taste and is not usually indicated. Vibrato was really an invention of the renaissance, but didn't become universal in other musics until very late. Orchestras today are starting to play nineteenth century music without vibrto, with a surprisingly clear and powerful effect. Roger Norrington is a leading conductor pursuing this line of interpretation.
#Vibrato is when a finer lower than the pitch being played i sraised and lowered many times very quickly. This give the pitch a slight wobble, and is done to make music more 'emotional'. It can work equally well in  slow music as in fast.

Vibrato has another useful function.....If you are playing with other instruments, it means your tuning can be averaged a little as imprecisions are hidden by vibrato. This can help you in a concert where the physical conditions can be hard to predict and impossible to control, and as a result your tuning might do something wild without any blame belonging to you.

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