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Lady Anna MacKenzie's Salute

Composed by Lindsay Davidson 2022

Lady Anna MacKenzie's Salute

The tune was written as part of a campaign by the composer to create a series of tiny piobaireachd that are easily accessible to both new performers and uninitiated audiences.

The principles in this are that the pieces should be small and it should be easy to identify underlying, fundamental structures which reveal what piobaireachd is all about, and also not present too many technical barriers to the beginner player.

The reason to use a midi file here is to help understand how our musical language functions in order to explain to beginners.

This tune has revealed that the ends of phrases are extended and often when we often write something in 4/4, in fact we play it in 6/4, with the extra beats coming at the end of the phrases.

The midi file has also revealed that we need to treat the high G gracenotes in the Dithis as being of different lengths to each other - they are not all the same. The high G gracenotes on the beat are open for longer than those that repeat the notes. This contributes to the musical grammar and functioning of the tune.

Listen carefully to the crunluath; the midi files allows us to understand the internal rhythm more exactly. Please check the crunluath explanation page for more help.

This tune was composed using motivic inspiration from the tune King William III's March, which was found by the composer in an old book from the mid-19th century. King William III is not a suitable character for Saluting, and so it was necessary to investigate who around this King could be a person worthy of remembering.

Lady Anna MacKenzie (1621-1707) had a very interesting life, filled with contrasts; she is such a person who can be saluted.

She had tutored King William III when he was young but became an ardent opponent of his when he became King (as did many people, for this is the King William who was so embroiled in extremely bad stuff of the day).

Lady Anna MacKenzie more than once lost everything because she held firm in her beliefs. She  bounced back too.

Video to play along with, low pitch

Video to play along with, high pitch

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