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The date is September 2021...

People are now accessing the web via iPads, smartphones, tablets and even some old-fashioned computers with big screens.

And, alas, the site was designed long, long ago for big old-fashioned computers. The technical asumption was for people trying to learn up a mountain in Peru and Indonesia (there were and are such people). As a result of this, the site has become less popular.

So, a new approach is being worked on and the site has been in the process of  being updated. This started in April 2020 and now,  months later there are hundreds of new videos, many pages with a new layout to better work on phones.

A new idea was born during the pandemic - a virtual pipe band, and the model has been worked out for small groups to ensure good attention to all. The groups need to remain small. Please get in touch if you want to host a group.

More videos are being embedded, hosted on YouTube. Exercises for intermediate pipers to make a big jump forward, Strathspeys and Reels are done, Marches will follow.
The facebook likes have been deleted. The mailing list has being phased out.

A plan is being created to make video explanations to embed, but that will take some time yet.

The organic growth of the site meant thst the navigation was not adequate to what we expect today. The side menus are being eliminated and replaced with a new clumsy design, but less clumsy. If you still have the side menus, it means that part has not been reviewed and updated yet, but everythng from there should still work. Patience is asked for...There were over 1000 pages to fix. and boil down into less

The  tunes sections have mutated into a library of tunes. This has happened faster than expected. The exercises likewise has been combined into a single entry point with each exercise having its own page and more detailed explanation including metacognitive things.

Once again, please email your comment, suggestions, questions and requests to Lindsay Davidson at 


The objective of these changes are to significantly slow the decline in usage and eventualy turn it around and expand the number of people using this site.  
By widening the potential audience it is hoped to raise the number of people learning from here and thus make a wider and more extended contribution to 'piping. 

Each of these sections is a huge project in itself. Please be patient as it will take some time. Do keep coming back to see what is new.

September 2021

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